scilio.jpgThe Scilio family has been carefully cultivating wine on Mount Etna since 1815, and is presently in its fifth generation of winemakers.

For this family, making wine means, above all, cultivating and nurturing the vineyard so that it can give the best fruit to be transformed into a wine that must preserve the characteristics of the Etna Terriors.

On organic farming: "Cultivation of the vineyard means the preservation of an environment that our ancestors transformed into a new landscape, making possible its renewal year in year out. Hence our choice of adopting the organic method of cultivation."

This organic method, not only more healthy and environmentally friendly, incidentally yields fruit with more intense aromatic flavor. Each vineyard is harvested separately at full maturation. The grapes are hand picked for the selection of the best product and immediately processed. 

"Since 1815, from harvest to harvest and generation to generation, respecting traditions and improving the quality of our wines motivates our sincere enthusiasm and passion for our work." 

Quick Facts

Winery: Tenuta Scilio di Valle Galfina
Region: Sicilia, Italy
Locale: Mount Etna
Farming: Certified Organic

Available Selections

  • Valle Galfina Etna Bianco (Carricante)
  • Valle Galfina Etna Rosato (Nerello Mascalese)
  • Valle Galfina Etna Rosso (Nerello Mascalese)
  • Orpheus Etna Rosso (Nero Mascalese, Nero Cappuccio)