Moscato Spumante

Moscato_new_small.jpgWinery: Colli Euganei
Vò (Padova), Italy
Appellation: Veneto
Designation: DOC 

Site: Clay, calcareous and rich in fossils

Grapes: Moscato

Fermentation and Aging: In large, closed containers. Temperature controlled.

Notes: This sparkling wine is made from Muscat grapes that have always been cultivated on the Euganean Hills slopes and it receives a secondary fermentation in closed containers (Charmat method). The aroma is intense and typical of this variety; the flavour is lively, sweet and with a long aromatic finish. The colour is pale yellow, with citrus nuances; the perlage is fine and persistent. It is a great accompaniment to baked desserts for special occasions, but, thanks to its lightness and fragrance, it can be served at any time of the day.