Lagrein "Perl"

CantinaBolzano_LagreinPerl_100.jpgWinery: Cantina Bolzano / St. Magdalena
Alto Adige
Bolzano, Italy
Appellation: Alto Adige
Designation: DOC

In a few words: Ruby red, intense cherry flavours, medium bodied wine, fruity taste.

Site: From Pergola-trained vineyard sites in the valley near Bolzano town; alluvial soils washed with gravel and clay; vine age about 25 years.

Grapes: 100% Lagrein

Fermentation and Aging: Mainly Botti (large oak ovals) until spring of the year following the vintage; a portion (20%) is aged for 6 months in seasoned barrique.

Notes: There are approximately 360 Hectares of Lagrein in this world. About 150 of those Hectares are in the so-called “Classic” growing area and of those 150 Ha of “Classic” Lagrein, Santa Magdalena controls 64 Ha. The Classic areas are primarily on the valley floor, where daytime temperatures in the summer reach some of the hottest in all of Italy. Nights cool dramatically – thanks to the mountain air that rushes down from both sides of the valley once the sun begins to set. The grape does best on the valley floor where the winds do not dry out the grapes; Pergola is regarded as the best vine-training method as long as strict greenharvests reduce yields by about 50%. Lagrein is hardly a well-understood grape, but when done well (and Santa Magdalena does Lagrein VERY well), it displays its unique personality in a very pleasing way, both bitter and sweet, both dark and herbaceous.