Giovanna Madonia

Madonia-Logo.jpgGiovanna Madonia, one quickly realizes, is a force of nature. Her bearing is honest, genuine, confident – like her wines. The estate, just 5 miles from the Adriatic sea, extends over about 14 hectares of gently rolling Romagna, at an altitude of from 200 to 350 meters above sea level. The vineyards are densely planted which is the best way to control yields, through intra-specific competition for water and other resources, in clay and marl soils with limestone bedrock. The newest plantings, planted by Giovanna herself in 1992-94, are head pruned (“Arbarello”), which is the old way of doing things and which brings benefits including lower yields and a three-dimensional orientation to the weather in her southwest-facing vineyards. 

Family history goes back three generations, when Giovanna’s grandfather planted vines and made wine for family and friends. Her father took things to another level and was elected the first president of the Consorzio of wines from Romagna. And in 1992, after rigorous studies of clonal selection, she got busy with new planting. 

Now, with her daughters by her side, Giovanna has truly risen to the ranks of elite Italian wine producers, earning the first ever Tre Bicchieri for a dry-styled Albana with her 2014 Neblina.

Quick Facts

Winery: Azienda Agricola Giovanna Madonia a Bertinoro
Region: Emilia Romagna
Locale: Villa Romagna, Bertinoro (Romagna) Italy
Farming: Organic practices

Available Selections