Rosso Piceno "Torquìs"

Brunori_Torquis.jpgWinery: Brunori
San Paolo di Jesi, Italy
Appellation: Rosso Piceno
Designation: DOC

In a few words: Intense ruby red colour with reflections of violet that attenuate as the year progresses. It has a vinous-fruity bouquet that evolves to a fruity-floral one. This is a dry tasting, sapid wine that has the right amount of bodily tannic. The persistency on the tongue recalls flavours of dried fruits and red flowers.

Site: From two rows of Montepulciano and Sangiovese, farmed organically on the gentle hills of the estate. Soils are clay and calcarious with some incidence of sand. Generally about 250 meters above sea level.

Grapes: 55% Montepulciano, 45% Sangiovese

Fermentation and Aging: Vinified in stainless steel fermentors. Racked to cement deposits and fined with eggwhites; settled in botti (large neutral oak casks). Released a few months after the DOC discipline which allows for release in March following the vintage.

Notes: Rosso Piceno is a large appellation named for the town of Ascoli Piceno. The wines can be pedestrian but Brunori’s careful treatment yields wines of real depth and complexity. “Torquìs” is a type of Greek amphorae. Total production is 6,000 bottles.