Bodegas Cachazo

Finca.jpgTradition, experience, effort and passion for the land.

Félix Lorenzo Cachazo started his journey in the world of wine working in one of the old underground wine cellars in the village of Pozaldez - a town with long traditions of winemaking, as expressed by its name Pozal de Hez (abundance of wine) - giving life to the old “Amontillados” wines. There is little left of those strong and special wines, but they were the seed of today’s modern and successful Verdejo wines. Félix was one of eight visionaries founding what is today known as D.O. Rueda, pioneering a change in the winemaking style which resulted in the salvation of the Verdejo grape which at that time was condemned to disappear.
The sandy-soiled vineyards are located in the north of the area, in a village called Alcazarén. The vines were planted here more than 150 years ago (pre- phylloxera); the sandy soil made the vines resistant to the plague. 
The temperature differences between day and night is what makes Rueda very different from other appellations, contributing to a slower ripening process and an aromatic Verdejo grape. Year after year these vines yield sparse but very complex fruit.

Quick Facts

Winery: Bodegas Cachazo
Region: Rueda
Locale:  Pozaldez (Valladolid), Castilla y León

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