Alain Voge

Alain_Voge__logo.jpgSince its inception, several generations ago, Domaine Alain Voge has always been a family domain located in Cornas. In 1958, Alain Voge joined his father to work in the small typical farm. He decided to specialize in wine. At the time, it was an audacious decision: despite their history, the CORNAS and SAINT PERAY appellations were forgotten sleeping beauties.

Very quickly, Alain overthrew the winery's habits. He extended his vineyards in places which had remained uncultivated over the last 30 years and developed the sales of his bottled wines. Supported by his wife Eliane, he visited the best national and regional restaurants to make his wines known. Due to their quality and to Alain Voge’s creative approach, the domain’s reputation rapidly increased.

Yesterday, as today and tomorrow, the philosophy of Domaine Alain Voge is to practice a hand made viticulture on the slopes of the Rhône right bank, dedicated to Syrah and Marsanne. The wines are the expression of their terroir, and as they say, "for the pleasure of lovers, all over the world."

Quick Facts

Winery: Domaine Alain Voge
Region: Rhône - Nord (Northern Rhône)
Locale: Cornas, France
Farming: Uses biodynamic practices

Available Selections